Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Superbowl Sneak Peak!

OK, why do we all watch the Superbowl? For the football?



For the first time I'm really looking forward to seeing one make the airwaves and I'm here to offer a spoiler (my first!) of a commercial by Pepsi.

Oh, special hint... there's no sound, you don't need to adjust your speakers and it's OK to watch at work.

This is, from what I understand, a long running joke in the Deaf community that has become a commercial for the Superbowl and from all signs, is already paying off for Pepsi before it even airs. MSNBC has talked about it, and just Google "PepsiCo Enable" and see how many posts are already out there about it.

You Go Pepsi! (That's Diet for me thanks, I'm watching my figure)

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