Thursday, January 10, 2008

How I miss NBC Thursday....

OK, I'm at a loss....

I take time in the morning to check emails (both professional and personal) then I run through a few blogs to see the latest posts and realized that I haven't done anything since Tuesday. OH CRAP! So I started to think that I needed to do something...

What's today? Thursday

drawing a blank

What does Thursday mean to me? Nothing special... anymore

Anymore? Why would my mind say "anymore" then I realized Must See TV. I used to wait with bated breath for Thursday nights on NBC. Now I'm not talking about one specific show or one specific year, but for the LONGEST time NBC really tried to pack their biggest punch with Thursdays. You can even think back to before Friends and Seinfeld to The Cosby Show and such. Thursday was the KING night it seemed.

Friday, Saturday, Sunday was shot because most folks were going out on the weekend. Monday isn't the best because people are still recovering from being out late or sleeping late on the weekend. Tuesday, too close to Monday, Wednesday had a shot being hump day, but Thursday...

Thursday is like the unofficial start to the weekend. I'm sure it was like this at other universities, but at Clemson (that's in South Carolina for those of you who don't know)there were nearly as many people out in the bars as there were over the entire weekend. (Ahh, Tiger Town Tavern... the memories) But I digress...

With the exception of those drinkers in Tiger Town, people were gearing up for the weekend and Thursday was a night of good feeling, the night of great comedy. Think back to how many Thursdays you spent at the TV bar in Cheers, Laughed at how many stupid haircuts Tempest Bledsoe (Vanessa Huxtable) could have on the Cosby Show...

I must note that at this point in my free form blogging I have actually googled Must See TV and found in Wickipedia a history of Must See TV from NBC and have had a flood of even MORE shows I hadn't remembered had their time as Thursday night Divas..
Check it....
Diff'rent Strokes
Hill Street Blues
Family Ties
LA Law
Mad About You
Will & Grace
ER (still going... their career in the ER has officially lasted longer than mine did!)

Wickipedia states the demise of Must See TV came about when the Friends spin off "Joey" came to the screen (I concur, though I thought it was mildly OK) and The Apprentice.

I agree with that assessment, but I also have my own thoughts, and since this is my blog I get to say it even though many of you will disagree. I think the demise of Must See TV is the current line up. I'm in a hard position saying this because Jason Lee is great! but I can't stand "My Name is Earl", Steve Carell is HILARIOUS, but The Office is just not funny to me, and Tina Fey is insanely talented, but 30Rock does absolutely nothing for me.

Sadly, Thursday night has become for me the night to eschew the couch and clean house, do laundry and get ready for the weekend if I'm not already out at some meeting for some event I've gotten myself involved in. Long gone are the Must See evenings. NBC holds my interest with Heroes, Law & Order (original and SVU) and maybe another show or two.

Guess I'll have to stop watching TV. (Yeah, I almost said that without cracking a smile... as if!)

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