Sunday, January 6, 2008

"Don't talk about me like I'm not here..."

So can anyone guess by the title who this post is about? What is up with Julia Roberts upper lip? I've seen her in movies where she's got a nice normal lip, then a scene where she starts to cry (like the "Drink your juice Shelby" scene in Steel Magnolias) and suddenly she's got this big pumped up snail sized lip that would rival Moms Mably and even make Mick Jagger jealous.
Now I must say, as I'm watching Ocean's Eleven and typing this, she's in a scene with George Clooney nowhere near crying, but she's got a lip that's pushing maximum density. It's not to the point of the Juice scene, but damn near close.
I don't mean to dog on Julia, but while I'm on the topic... any other southerners notice how terrible Julia's southern accent was in Steel Magnolias? She had the worst accent out of the entire cast and she's from Smyrna Georgia! (and saying she had the worst accent is pretty bad considering she was up against Darryl Hannah)
Don't get me wrong, I love Julia Roberts, I think she's cool as hell and a damn fine actress.... I was just curious about that lip thing. Seems I'm not the only one having fun with the Juice scene though... Don't you just love YouTube? See below:


Doug said...

That's hilarious! I was just watching "Steel Mags" last night with the boyfriend. Having directed the play some 14 years ago, I have always been disappointed with the movie.

Loving your blog!

Stephen Rader said...

Let's face it, Julia sucked in STEEL MAGNOLIAS. She did. She sucked. She sucked major ass in that film and everybody knows it. I kept watching the movie and shouting, "When is that new kidney gonna fail? WHEN!?!"