Wednesday, January 16, 2008

I can't stand it... sorry

This site is just TOOO good. I can't quite tell if the folks at Ship of Fools are faithful people just wishing they weren't deemed quacks because of their zealoutous brethren, or they're like me, finally out from under the quackery and can finally poke fun. Here are some signs for your enjoyment.

Why are they picking on Harry? Seems the Christians would be up in arms against Voldemort... he's the real baddy and I hear he steals from the offering plate.

Does this statue give you the creeps? All I can hear is "TOUCHDOWN!"
What do we want? - TD!
From who? - Jesus!

Tell me some born again jock hasn't kicked the pigskin between those uprights!

Jesus founded a university in North Carolina... who knew? I wonder what their mascot is? Go Disciples! Convert those Tigers!

This one's funny... at least they realize what's happening. It's a Catholic Church so it's not ME they're hearing on Sunday morning. (Lutherans wouldn't bring it up directly, we don't talk about such things)

And lastly.... if you're completely devoted to the supreme being of your choice... make darn sure you know how to spell his name. (I think St Peter takes points for that)

If this were Scientology it would be spelled T - O - M

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dirk.mancuso said...

That 4th one is great.

Wonder how many of those same people worried about Harry Potter realized what it really meant...?