Monday, January 7, 2008

Couch Potato hooked....

So which am I more embarrassed to say I watch... America's Next Top Model or American Gladiators?

I thought the show was pretty goofy back in the 80's/90's when it was on. I have been rolling my eyes so hard I get headaches since they've been advertising the new show. DAMN if they didn't hook me. I think I could do without Hulk Hogan and what's-her-face Ali, but I don't think I could do without my main squeeze gladiator...

Those of you who know me... who do you think it is?

My guess is that your guess is wrong....

why oh why am I attracted to the wrong person all the time.

oh I gotta schoolboy crush on CRUSH!

Let's see:
PRO: She's quite pretty

CON: She can kick my ass

PRO: She's got a really cool hair cut a la Posh Spice before the break up

CON: She can kick my ass

PRO: Her smile is so come-hither

CON: Her smile is so "come-hither so I can kick your ass!"

So my fascination with my new love is ever so fleeting because of reality (and fear of an ass kicking) as is my attention to the show I'm sure. The endless posturing of the contestants gets boring and predictable. Yes, you 5'8" 120 pound Asian man, I am right there with you thinking that the 6'8" black mound of muscle will be tossed aside at your whim.... However, if there's one little sassy joy I get when they introduce the gladiators. If it's "Militia" I do love yelling "Gay Porn Star!".... so I've heard....

So back to women who CANNOT kick my ass... Where's Tyra Banks and the next season of America's Next Top Model?

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Stephen Rader said...

Those men on that show look like they're wearing sports bras. SPORTS BRAS!!! I'm all for funky clothing - - Hell, I'm all for men wearing women's clothing!!! - - but those muscle boys look ri-COCK-ulous. :)