Wednesday, January 2, 2008

10 at 10 and 5 at 5

One of my New Year's resolutions is to clean up my language. So far so good, except that I can't use one of my favorite adjective expletives to convey just how cold it is here in Chicago. (and if I did, that expletive would start with an F... in case you were curious). Not that I'm a big fan of cursing, but think about it. I could say "It's COLD!" and it still wouldn't carry the same meaning or impact as "It's F*#@ing COLD!" You just naturally get the depth and weight of the statement. However, I have to stick to the explative-less version and convey the rest with a little blogditty.

Last night I watched the first part of the news as I lay down to bed. It was 10pm and the little NBC Peacock time and temp banner on the bottom of the screen said 10:00 and 10 degrees.

Seeing that gives you that minute flash of interest like when you see a digital clock displaying the time as 12:34:56 (that is if you're easily entertained like me... very easily entertained) Little did I know that the weather was going to give me another little minisecond of entertainment when I woke up the next morning. It was, as you could guess from the title of this post, 5 degrees at 5:00am.

For those of you I left behind in South Carolina who don't get the joy of northern winters and still bundle up like Nannuck of the North when the temp hits 40, 5 degrees is snot freezing weather. 5 degrees jumps up your nostrils and freezes everything so quickly that pinching your nose can sound like a light glass shattering.

They say it will be this cold throughout the day and tomorrow with a warming trend toward the weekend. Funny thing about a couple of days at 5 degrees. When you've gone through 5 degrees, you find yourself pulling off the scarf when the temp hits a balmy 25 degrees. Not for long, mind you, but you do feel a difference.

I'm willing to put up with this weather because Chicago IS the bomb~! Living here is worth the sacrifice of a couple months hermiting away while the frigid wind blows outside.... But if I could put in a request to the weather gods... how about we start Spring in Chicago a little earlier as a bonus for making it through?

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Rosie said...

Just be glad you live in a place where people don't come completely mentally unglued when it gets a bit chilly. We've just had our first real winter weather the last few days; subfreezing at night but sunny and okay during the day. No precipitation of any kind. And this is only supposed to go on for a few days before things return to the 50's. There are people here whining, using words like "arctic" and some parents even refusing to let their kids go outside because it's "inhumanly" cold. Bleah.
On the other hand, I'll accept any premise to stay indoors and drink wine.