Friday, January 11, 2008

A wee bit of normalcy FINALLY

If you know me, you know 2007 has seen me working a job that is not my ideal (and I'll leave it at that) I'm still planning meetings, but they're either on site at our campus in BFE Summit-Argo or at one of the small suburban properties around here. Nothing wrong with that, but when you come from Traveling X times per month to locations like San Francisco, New Orleans, Bermuda, Montreal, etc.... Summit-Argo or Burr Ridge is a bit small.

But for once I get to take the show on the road and I'm managing an exhibit this coming week in Portland, OR. Folks I work with don't understand why I enjoy this so much, but just as my co-worker scientists feel at home in the lab, I feel equally at home in a convention center or a hotel with BIG meeting space. (sometimes size DOES matter!)

One indelible truth I've found in all my travels is that something ALWAYS happens that's worth telling. Now that I've actually thrown that proclamation out there, this will probably turn out to be the most boring trip, but never fear, that just means I'll find some poor hick in the airport and make up a good story for you there as I do plan on chronicling my trip on the blog. Hey, I'm going to be sitting in an exhibit hall full of food science nerds (my boss and coworkers OBVIOUSLY the exception!) so I'm sure there will be ample time to boot up the ole HP and visit Bloggie and all of you on occasion.

In the meantime, I want to put in two plugs for HOURS of entertainment!

1. This site is HILARIOUS! I spent over an hour just going through one section that shows what a dick Superman can be. They show old comic covers and the commentary is priceless! Poor Jimmy Olson.

Also look for the terribly un-PC ones that came out in WWII. (I can NOT post it on here... I just can't)

2. Jennsylvania. This is a blog by an author of 2 VERY funny books, Jen Lancaster. She was a high paid snotty sorority bitch in the world then lost her job (and you're happy she did...what a bitch!) but she learns how to cope, and how to find the humor in life. Start with "Bitter is the New Black".

You hate her to start, but you love her in the end (and feel sorry for Fletch sometimes....)

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Stephen Rader said...

You see the panels where Jimmy Olsen is in drag? Priceless. Bizarre, odd and priceless.