Saturday, January 19, 2008

LA's not proving too much for this man

(Did anyone get the Gladys Knight reference? Shout out to my mom!)

Wild Wonderful Los Angeles. One thing that's constant in LA is traffic. I'm sure that part of that perception is that I don't drive (much) in Chicago and the El just sort of bypasses all that. Still, LA is a great town and there's so much people watching to do!

I did get to do some touristy stuff. I went to LA's "Fashion District" I'm sure there's some fashion in LA somewhere but where we went was different. In Harry Potter terms this would be called Knockoff Alley. Cheap crap at low low prices and more Mexican music than you can shake a stick at! There were waist down mannequins showing off many styles of jeans. The most noticeable thing about these were... well, how would one put it... mannequin got back! I never knew they made mannequins with a larger butt. Now I'm not talking plus size where they're large all over, this was skinny legs and an ass that protruded much like a shelf! I guess I can't complain. Proprietor know thy market eh?

My LA host with the most Kevin did a fantastic job of showing me the sights. Even though he had to work on Friday, he was kind enough to let me use his car, a BMW Z4 convertible. (Made in South Carolina thank you very much!) So Mr Don't-own-a-car is tooling around SoCal with the top down.

I did get a few looks from the SoCal natives to whom the 50 degree temp was frigid enough for them to wear their parkas.

I went to a VERY cool museum The J. Paul Getty Museum or "The Getty". While they had some very nice artwork (van Gogh's "Irises" resides here) and fixtures, I have to say I was far more taken by the grounds and architecture. I couldn't even begin to describe it as there are far too many feels, looks, textures to begin to formulate a brief description that would do it justice. This is one of the gardens that's surrounded by water and water paths/falls so that each step gives you a different view and sound of the water which culminates in the pool garden behind me.

I did find proof though that in California, everything is considered beautiful... even the mundane.


Tilly Screams said...

The Getty is a great place indeed.

While in LA see about the Grave Line Tours - it goes to places where famous celebs bought the farm.

More at

Claremont Kevin said...

Graveline is a fun tour! We can do that next time! Of course, we'll need to do my tour of the stars homes! I can show you anyone's that you want to see! "Cher? Oh, that's hers! Barbra? Right there! Marjorie Main? That one there!" Of course, I make them up but its not like Babs is gonna invite you in for a bowl of grits! The Nebraskans all go home happy with the tour! ;-)

claremont kevin said...

Hmm...just re-read this and, while we didn't go to the J Paul Getty Museum,(the old name for the Getty Villa) we will next time, I promise! We went to the Getty Center! Is my teacher-ness showing? Nahhhhhh