Sunday, January 13, 2008

Am I lazy? (10:25am Portland Time)

Room Service for lunch yesterday
Room Service for dinner last night
This morning I thought I'd try shaking things up
I went to the hotel restaurant for breakfast.
I didn't set my alarm, but still woke up on my own early. I got out of bed and checked email and posted the previous blog.
Grabbed a hat (no shower yet) and my current book Bitter is the New Black and went to the restaurant.
Done eating, back in my room watching Silence of the Lambs (aka, Jodie as Clairol Brunette - I'm feeling Shade #132)

Can I not just live the life of Riley and be done with it?

Who was Riley anyway? (Snaps to Lea for answering my rhetorical question with GREAT info!)
Guess I have to get over to the convention center.

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Lea said...

I am taking it that you are REALLY wondering: