Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Random Ramblings

TMI Tuesday started with a question about the Basketball Bracket... sorry TMI folks, that did it for me, didn't need to read further. We'll miss TMI Tuesday this week.

I was home from work yesterday with an odd malady and didn't check personal emails (47 came in) or work emails (122 - and I've only been here a month)

Some whiney things that crossed my mind about being sick:

- I lose track of days. I went to bed at 9pm last night and Medium was on NBC. I thought, "Why is that on Sunday night?"

- If you're stuck on the couch in one position all day, you build this little mound of trash, kleenex, dirty dishes, etc on the end of the couch that your head is on. I spent nearly all my energy getting all that stuff, moving again to put it away right at that moment was more than I can muster

- (keep in mind I'm from a healthcare background... if bodily functions gross you out, skip to the next one.. in the future we'll flag these as BFM (bodily function moment) If your nose is running, why can't it stop when you fall asleep. It's only courteous. To either be rudely woken up by a wet feeling on your face, or waking up to find there's two inches of clearcoat varnish so that when you touch your nose it sounds like glass breaking.

- If I'm lucky I can sleep most of the day to get through whatever it is I have. But if you think back to the TV show you watched it can get really interesting when you start one show/movie, fall asleep, wake, fall asleep again, etc. It's like you mesh 7 different story lines into one.

- Ever try to talk your bladder into just leaving you alone for a few more minutes? If it hurts to get up and you get dizzy walking around, that bathroom is a LONG way away.

I'm back at work and feeling better, but now my week is off by a day. It's Tuesday right?

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Anonymous said...

No, it's Wednesday. HTH!

Hope you're feeling better.