Tuesday, April 15, 2008

TMI Tax Tuesday!

How do we get from taxes to sex? Oh wait... that's right. When it comes to taxes, you're usually fucked anyway right?

1. Did you have to pay or did you get money back?
I get money back on paper, but I have to give it back to the IRS for a mistake made several years ago. I had to cash in my 401K and claimed it incorrectly. Need to fork up $1,500... dammit. See, didn't I say taxes=fucked?

2. What was your biggest financial mistake?

I see it more as a necessary evil, but taking out student loans for everything. I went to school a LONG time collectively and could by a Lexus SUV with my student loan. Otherwise I think my biggest financial mistake was not starting a 401K sooner. If you're reading this, and you're young, (or even not young and don't have one) DO IT! by the time we get to retirement there won't be anything. Sorry, it's the old man soapbox, but get ready

3. Are you a screamer?
When I have to pay taxes I am! (see, can't even try to segue it BACK to taxes!) With sex... I don't scream, I'm loud enough as it is when it's NOT sex. But let's just say you'll KNOW I'm enjoying it

4. What part of your body, other than your genitals, do you love to have touched? What part of a partner's body, other than their genitals, do you love to touch?
Not my wallet (futile attempt to steer back to taxes) Either my back, or if I'm holding hands, I like to have a finger run across my palm back and forth. On another person I like to do the same to them (hint hint maybe) or running my fingers up and down their back.

5. What commercial catch phrase best describes your life?
"I can't believe I ate the whole thing" read into it what you will...

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cb said...

I'm thinking "I can't believe I took the whole thing" or "I can't believe I swallowed the whole thing."