Monday, April 7, 2008

On the road again....

I'm traveling again for work. Oddly enough, last time I traveled for work when I was blogging I was also in Portland, OR. This time it's same city, different job.

I got in on Saturday and Portland is as clean and green as usual. What a great town! Oddly enough though, sometimes clean and green isn't always the perfect situation.

On the plane there was a girl sitting next to me. She was quite a pretty girl, but you could tell from her looks she was that earth child, go green, save the earth folksy type person. She wasn't a militant about it as she was very friendly. The only time she spoke to me was when she pointed out an empty space for my carry on bag when I was having trouble finding one. She was dressed in very cottony flowy clothes, she had on sandals with knit socks (like my sister knitted these socks) a scarf tied into her hair and a nose ring that was larger than you usually see, but it had intricate scroll work on it that made it very fitting for her look. She couldn't have been more than 25 and she had a smile that would disarm even George Dubya and make him want to save a ream of paper.

Now you may wonder what about this angelic tree hugger cold possibly be outside of perfect... I would have too until she took off her jacket and rustled the air around her causing it to drift my way and make me realize she's one of THOSE that doesn't use deodorant.

Oh HELL no. blah blah blah natural scent and such, you're used to it so it's "natural" to you, but to the rest of us, you got funk going on! Wash that!

Take away my multicultural card, but there can be no right reason in a culture for not paying attention to hygiene! I would say, when in Rome... and ask folks that even though you may not bathe in your country on a regular basis, please do here in the US. But that would suggest that I do the same when I visit their land and even then I would NOT go without bathing. You stink! You make me want to hurl! If I thought one would cancel out the other I would stay in my seat to pass gas instead of going back to the bathroom out of courtesy. If I did that, though the two noxious spirits may battle to the end.

Anyway, the trip is going well and no one else has been an affront to my senses... well, at least my nose. This bitch in the silver/gold lamee top is really hurting my eyes.


Claremont Kevin said...

oh just get down here where we wear deodorant ( $100 organic from sea salts harvested by micro-financed women in Chile), drive our SC built Bimmers with 'Built in the USA' pride (its still German, right?) and buy knock off Prada made by child labor in China! They're SO pretentious there... C ya Thursday

Lea in SC said...

Yucko. And since I found out Matthew McConnaughy doesn't wear deo, all that sexy ripped drawlin sweet heinie stuff no longer gives me the screaming thigh sweats. If you stink, it doesn't matter how perfect you look, I cannot find you attractive. Ever.