Sunday, March 30, 2008

Speaking of cussing (see the post that follows this one)

I spent a while on one of my new fave blogs More Cool Pictures and somewhere in the vast archives of cool pictures came one that brought about a cuss word. I mean just looking at this picture conjures up one word. One word in many variations. No matter what words surround it, this picture has the f-bomb at the root of the sentence. I think it's irony personified and all I can think when I see this pic is...


Because I find the KKK a deplorable and utterly embarrassing aspect of the Caucasian world, I would love to think that the words coming out of the mouth of the nurse in the far right of the picture is "I am NOT working on this mother-fucker!"

But I know better.

I worked in the ER for a number of years and know that 9.5 times out of 10 ER staff rise above the environment and work on the situation. It's not a klansman, it's a human in medical need.
When I lived in Charleston, SC there was a serial rapist loose and I can remember my female coworkers worrying getting to their car safely in the parking deck. Some would break glass pipets to a sharp point and edge and hold them between their fingers in tight fists so that if anyone attacked them, one good right cross and someone was going to be bleeding. (you go girls!)
Long story short, the police gave chase one late night and the chase ended in a terrible crash and the serial rapist ended up in one of our Emergency rooms. To my knowledge, no one refused to work on him. I'm not saying putting in his IV wasn't slow and painful to him.... but he lived because of the ER staff that took care of him. (by the way, Duncan Proctor, the Lowcountry Rapist, may be up for parole...)

The ER staff in the picture above are to be commended. I don't know what happened to that man to cause him to be there, but I hope.... hope and pray... he lived and that he remembers seeing all those African American faces looking down on him to keep him alive. (also that he didn't see the nurse giggle her ass off when she had to put in a catheter and saw what a tiny DICK he had!)

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SUEB0B said...

That is an amazing photo. Wow. Just wow.

(SB from Desperately Seeking...)