Wednesday, March 26, 2008

It's a Soundtrack Day again!

After 6 days of what's probably the worst flu/chest congestion I've ever had, this morning I woke up and realized I was...brace yourself... breathing through my nose!

Today's soundtrack is courtesy of "The Wiz"
(Of course my soundtrack only covers the first 2min 35sec... I don't have the energy for the dancing that comes afterward)

My mom saw The Wiz on Broadway back in the 70's when the fantastic Mabel King played Eviline and her costume was set up so her boobs were eyes. Mabel would move her hands to pull wires and the eye boobs would wink or blink or move. I love the movie, but I wish they'd brought the boob eyes to the big screen too!

Have a great day everyone! Can you feel a brand new day?!?!

(Yeah, cheesy... shut up...)


Claremont Kevin said...

I stupidly clicked that play button as I was dragging myself out of bed and I got no further than the bedroom door before I was wishing they were feeling someone else's brand new day...

Mahala said...

Boob-eyes? For real?

Stephen Rader said...

This song was just a BRILLIANT joke on FAMILY GUY. All of the police leave town and suddenly, all of these white people unzip their skin off to reveal that they're black. Then, they start dancing and singing CAN YOU FEEL A BRAND NEW DAY with this EXACT choreography. Genius!!!

cb said...

I am so mixed in how I feel about the Wiz. I LOVE the concept, and I do love the music. But the dancing... when I watch it now I just think "did they deliberately TRY to make it THIS stereotypical?? Why not just have al jolson doing blackface and tap dancing too."