Thursday, March 13, 2008

Chicks & CTA....

I've lived in Chicago for seven and a half years now. I've not owned a car for six of those years and even the last 6 months of my car ownership was spent riding public transportation. It's easy, it gets me where I'm going and often times it can be more time reliable than owning a car.
Suffice it to say, I'm a CTA Commando. I've got it pretty much down to a science which also means, I notice very easily when people do NOT have it down to a science, or when they just don't seem to have a friggin' clue.

Ladies... when you've been standing on the street corner for the bus, what in the WORLD makes you all of a sudden go fumbling through your deep purse, obviously full of crap you do not need, to go digging for your bus pass only at the point that you step ON to the bus? The very fact that you were standing on the corner waiting for the bus should have been a BIG friggin' clue that the need for your bus pass was imminent and that you should have it at the ready.

Don't get me wrong, not all women are like this. Some have their little clutch/wallet at the ready and smack it up against the ChicagoCard Pass reader like I do my wallet. But I've been watching and I have to say that even the little old grizzled men with canes get on the bus with their card out whether its the magnetic pass type, the disabled picture pass, or the flexicards that go in the mechanical reader.

It's only women that I see that get on the bus then act COMPLETELY surprised like "Oh my, I need my bus pass to get on? After riding the bus 100 times I seem to need it all of a sudden"

You wouldn't step out in the snow without putting on your shoes first. Don't step on the bus without your card at the ready.

I just became a mystery shopper for CTA. I'll have plenty to talk about with CTA staff as it is, too bad I can't Quality Control some of it's passengers.

(don't get me started on why the red line smells like pee sometimes...)

bloggie note: I usually get my rant out of my head and written and then I'll go back looking for a picture to support it. I found this picture and thought it was a hoot! It's upper Wacker drive 1974. The bus is older, obviously, but check out the woman on the left WORKING that yellow wide brim hat! You Go Sister!


Lea in SC said...

And this is why Tim keeps my pass for me when we visit...

Claremont Kevin said...

and when it's crowded and you have to stand there holding onto that pole swaying back and forth.... Heck! Its just like being at work!