Sunday, March 30, 2008

I guess 21 is good....

Stephen over at "Are you there blog.." put his website under the Cuss-o-meter so I thought I would too.

21% Imagine if I hadn't made a new year's resolution to cut back on my cussin'? OK, I know my resolution was to not cuss anymore, but let's be real.

I thought it was funny that at a mere 21%... OK a mere 21 point TWO percent, my meter needle is just a bare tick away from the worst area. Spatially it looks like the absolute worst you could be would be 25%. What do they do about sites that drop the F -bomb every other word? Maybe they have one that just explodes if there's too much.

So I put it to the test....

I have another blog that I've been constructing that isn't live yet and nothing is posted. Just for fun, I posted the following as the only post. (pardon my potty mouth)

"fuck god damn shit piss hell cunt pussy dick boobies"

This wonderful cuss-o-meter gave me

I guess I was on the express flight to hell until I said boobies... I think that's the Christian Right "get out of jail free" card. (By the way Bunny, the "boobies" reference was for you! :) )

1 comment:

Stephen Rader said...

I knew your rating would be less than mine.

Boobies. That's a word I don't use enough. I have to incorporate that back into my vocabulary!!!