Monday, March 24, 2008

Holy Cow it's been a long time....

I'm so sorry for not being around lately. I had a bit of vacation in South Carolina to visit my brother & sister and came back to Chicago for the first day of Spring, 6 inches of snow and a 48 hour bug that may just as well have shot me in the head and gotten it over with.

I'm feeling much better this morning than I did over the weekend, but still feel like my mind is on a 10 second TV delay from reality. Nyquil is a great thing.. until you try to wake up and function properly in the morning. I honestly went through 2 boxes of kleenex this weekend. The first one was not the heaven-sent Puff's Plus with lotion. It was more like Kleenex knock off with added raw wood pulp... at least that's how it felt after 5,000 wipes.

It is Monday morning now, I've heard the calls to come back to blogging so I'll try to make it more often. Tomorrow is TMI Tuesday so hopefully I'll be back on track and feel like answering.

Hope everyone had a nice Easter weekend! Eat those bunny ears


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Anonymous said...

hope you're feeling better. I've missed my Chrisifix.