Wednesday, March 5, 2008

If my life had a soundtrack...

Ever had a moment in your life where you thought, if this were a movie, this song would be playing in the background? YES you have, don't lie, we all do it.

This morning I woke up at my usual early time and the feeling of dread of work washed over me right away. I dreaded going to see the same people, WAY down south of Chicago, long commute, long day, ick work environment... but then I woke up a little and remembered... I have a new job! I LOVE my new job and I was getting up earlier so I could get in the office earlier because I'm excited about my job. If I learned anything over the past year in indentured servitude it is that I will never be unappreciative of having a job I love.

That's when the soundtrack kicked in and Hoku's "Perfect Day" started playing

This song played at the beginning and end of Legally Blonde. I didn't really notice it in the beginning, but at the end it plays while Elle is at the podium looking out over the crowd and feeling SUPER about where she was. That moment felt so good in the movie, I actually made it happen for me. When I was co-chair of the HRC dinner a couple of years ago, "Perfect Day" was the song that started playing as my co-chair and I said "thanks and good night". (bet you didn't know that Catherine!)

And while I was driving to work (I Zipped a car today to take office decor out to my new digs) George Michael's "Freedom" came on. Different path for the song's meaning, but I TRULY feel I'm finally free from the past year.

So today is a PERFECT DAY to celebrate my FREEDOM! Go make a soundtrack of your own today!

(yeah, I know... cheesy... shut up!)

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Anonymous said...

I did NOT know that you had a theme song for our closing remarks... you are too cute!!! Its a great song.