Tuesday, March 4, 2008

TMI Tuesday!

Hi everyone,
Many apologies for being absent for so long. I started a new job last week and with traveling to manage a conference on site (as my very first day!) and settling into a new office with 3 tons of paperwork to start with, it's been a bit hectic and I've neglected Bloggie and my 10's of fans. TMI Tuesday seemed a good place to start so here we go!

1. Under what conditions would you kiss a stranger?
A dare. Standing in a bar and being dared isn't romantic so it's as much a kiss as a kiss on stage is. Of course, there are some other situations that could bring about kissing a stranger, but that's very situational. All bets are off if they have skanky teeth though. ugh!

2. Who was the last person you sent a text message to? If you’ve never sent someone a text message, is there some reason.
LOL, never sent a text? I can't even remember when I DIDN'T send text messages. I'm involved with the Deaf community in Chicago and they text like we talk on the phone. The last person I sent a text to was a Deaf friend of mine who I'll be dog sitting for. (The dog knows sign language too... how cute!)

3. When was the last time you deliberately surprised someone?
I like doing little surprises all the time. The biggest and most memorable surprise I've done was for my mom. She was invited to celebrate a birthday of a friend of mine back home in SC. I flew to SC and was at the restaurant they were going to have dinner at when they arrived. I walked up to their table and the look of confusion on my mom's face was priceless! She loved the surprise. There's a picture of us from that dinner and it's one of my favorites of the two of us. (much unlike the church directory picture taken my senior year in high school which I would burn if it wasn't of both of us! ugh... 80's hair)

4. How often do walk somewhere (hopefully, other than the mailbox)?
I live in Chicago. I don't own a car. I walk everywhere! I walked to the bus this morning and from the 2nd bus to my office. Before any non-urban folks think that's not much, we're not talking front door service either. Funny thing, though, when I lived in SC the distance I drove to work (when I worked at Clemson) was a shorter distance than I walk to catch the train now.

5. What were the longest and shortest durations of your romantic relationships?
We really would have to define the parameters of "relationship" here. If we go very basic, I would say the shortest was 1.5 hours. I've had a lot of first dates and that's as far as they got. (I don't play games...) Beyond that, I would say the shortest relationship with the intent of trying to go farther was a month. The longest so far was the buxom Karen in Charleston, SC which lasted for just over a year. But that was another me in another world.

Bonus (as in optional):What is missing from your life.
I'm very very happy to say, that at this moment, while life is not perfect, it's damn well enjoyable. I'm happy to have many aspects of my life finally falling into place. If I were to say something was missing it would be continuity or financial stability. However, I'm on the road to having both of those!

OK, stopping here before I get gushy!

See you all soon

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awww...Chris iz happy!