Friday, March 28, 2008

This is FUNNY!

One of my lovely readers and fellow bloggers Bunny over at Down the Rabbit Hole has the following blog listed as one of her favorite naughty blogs. It's naughty, but guaranteed to make you laugh! It's several women who apparently find pics posted by guys on dating sites or something... Wherever or Why-ever these guys are posting their pics I have no idea, but they must think very well of themselves... and they're gonna get pinged by the folks at Desperately Seeking... Something

Just a forewarning, if you're offended by the sight of male genetalia, don't go here. If you're offended... get over it. It's FUNNY!

As a sample....

Cindylou: I feel the need to disinfect after looking at this picture

Ash: Just Eww.

SB: It looks like someone threw up on his chest. After eating squid ink pasta.

SW: Should have blacked out a bit the whole photo.

Dawn: If this wasn't taken in a Youth Hostel, I don't know what was. He has that skinny backpacker look about him. You know, the one with the international crabs.

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