Tuesday, February 12, 2008

What a mess

Once when my mom came to visit me in Chicago I took her to my office to show her where I worked. (She had never been to Chicago and was the ever proud mother doting on my "making it") When I said "and here's my desk" she got this look on her face like she didn't believe me. I had always told her how clean and uncluttered I keep my desk at work. She was doubtful of this as my room at her home and usually my apartment were always in some form of disarray.
I just can't work in a cluttered environment. I always take pains to keep my desk clean so that I don't get flustered or confused with what's going on.
I know many folks (even some that I work with currently) will guffaw at this picture and statement thinking that it's not that bad, but I had to stop my working today and JUST CLEAN UP! For me, this is just unacceptable. OK, maybe if I stopped blogging and straightened up a bit I'd be better....

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