Monday, February 11, 2008

Just call me Tantalus....

If any of my tens of readers live in California, you can probably go to this place. Alas... the rest of us cannot and apparently cannot even order, but that's the frailties of freshness.
Today I've had such a sweet tooth and while at lunch I saw this PITIFUL excuse for a cupcake in the bakery shelf and I suddenly thought of Cupcake Heaven! I place I was taken to on my recent visit to California called "Sprinkles".
Three words:

They were good, great, fabulous, and OOOOOH so worth the $3 per cupcake. And the flavors they had... oh my. They had Red Velvet that any southerner would be proud of even if they weren't in the shape of a bleedin' armadillo groom's cake.

Anyway, no other reason for this post than to stir up some business for any Californians who haven't been there or making the rest of us wish we could. I know where I'm going when I head back to Cali.

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Claremont Kevin said...

I could be wrong but I think this is a not-so-veiled plea for a Sprinkles fix when I make my way to Chicago. Red Velvet for the squirrel's "uncle"? I wonder how many cupcakes would need to be purchased so that 2 remain after a 5 hour Southwest flight?