Thursday, February 14, 2008

Get Fudge? I don't care for it, too sweet, rots your teeth!

Bear with me on this one....
Today a good friend of mine, Henry, lost his mother to cancer. I found out about his mother having cancer not long after losing my own mother to cancer. As my friend's journey with him mom took turns for the worse it made me ache for knowing where he was and and where he was headed.
It made me think of others I know who lost their battles with cancer. One of them stood out and prompted this blog. Gilda Radner was one of the funniest women I've ever seen in my life! She was one of the people who, while not inspiring me straight into stand up comedy, she goaded me on into being the clown and enjoying getting a laugh and making my stage wherever I was.
Henry, I don't know if your mom knew Gilda Radner or her character Emily Litella (who was my favorite of her repertoire)but I know your mom loved to smile and laugh just like my mom. So while our mom's are getting acquainted up in heaven, this clip goes out to them. (I think my mom was partial to Rosanne Rosanadana, but it's my blog! She'll get her fave on Mother's day :) )

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