Tuesday, February 19, 2008


Birthday's have always been big to me. Special holidays are nice because they're for everyone, but your birthday... that's the day that YOU'RE special. One company that I used to work for, while being stupid beyond belief on many things, thought the same because in addition to your standard holidays and paid time off you also got your birthday as a holiday.

My brother sent me the picture above. The picture is titled Dogzilla's Birthday wishes and stars my "niece" Lilly. Lilly is a SWEETHEART of a dog but she can tear up a city when she sets her mind to playing around :) It's very fitting and I do hope as a birthday present she'll let the Seattle Space needle stand. I did kindof like that attraction :)

I had asked the folks over at TMI Tuesday if I could write a special birthday edition of TMI Tuesday since it fell today, but I didn't hear back. They've also not posted today's list as of 10:30CST so there could be more posted today.

Thanks to everyone for the birthday wishes so far! (By the way I'm 42 :) )


Anonymous said...

Hey, happy birthday!!!! How old are you now, anyway?

Mahala said...

Happy Birthday!! Oh and.. Lilly looks like she could take down a city easy.

Lea in SC said...

HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY BFF! With love from: Lea, Tim, Crooky, Forrest, and Jenny

Jen Jen said...

crap... I only sent a text, i didn't answer the blog! Happy Happy!