Wednesday, February 6, 2008

"ACCU"-weather forecast

Granted, I may be wrong, but doesn't the "Accu" in Accuweahter come from the word "Accurate"? Our local forcast was calling for 10" of snow starting last night so I woke up this morning fully expecting to find either a closed office or a long trudge to work. It was sprinkling rain and the roads were as clear as my bathtub. Oh well. The snow started falling around noon today and everyone is jumping ship like drowning rats so I think the 10" is still coming. However, this reminds me of a childhood weather lie that got me in trouble.

How many north west SC folks remember Charlie Gertz. from WFBC/WYFF "Charlie said it would" fame? One time he said it was going to snow and sleet so hard that we didn't need to do our homework. Well, this seventh grader took him seriously. The man gets paid to forecast the weather... accurately, right? Let me tell you, I went to school the next day in 50 degree weather, a lot of rain and had NOT studied for the test that I had to take.

Charlie, you bitch... But I guess I should give him the benefit of the doubt so Bless your Heart you big drunk lush. I'm sure SOMEWHERE on this planet there was snow and sleet so hard it would have postponed school. I just didn't happen to attend South Pole Junior High.

Lesson learned. Now, however, they're closing things down left and right so I'm heading out to catch the bus home. See you all tomorrow!

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Lea in SC said...

Ohyeah, Charlie Said It Would....and hence my eternal cynicism when it comes to inclement frozen precipitation in Oconee County. Even when the great Dale Gilbert (Charlie's fantastic replacement, I luv mah Dale) says it's coming, I don't quite believe him....