Monday, November 3, 2008

Monday Quickies

Happy Monday everyone!

Is that a contradiction?

Today is a busy day at work, but since I missed posting since last Thursday my guilt of neglect made me decide to throw some quick bits out there.

-It's hard to believe that the country is essentially on hold until tomorrow evening. The election out come seems to mean a whole lot more this time than in the past. In my admittedly limited political knowledge, past elections have come down to feeling the candidates were essentially going to do the same things in office, it was whether or not one was going to cave to the left or the right. This election seems to have candidates that are night and day.

- I think McBush is running scared though. He's desperate and is probably kicking himself for picking the true "that one" as a running mate. The only smart move he seems to have made this entire election was to keep Bush from actively backing him. It is no surprise, though that the first black candidate would endure extra mudslinging. However, while it's no surprise, it's still appalling the lengths and names they go to. Check out SueBob's list (with links) to the names and ideas the GOP has come up with.

- Go Vote... go vote, go vote, go vote. If the thought of more of the same doesn't scare you, really think about what it could be like to have the weather girl turned lipstick pig hockey mom as president. It will happen if they win.

- And on top of all this worry, I am launching our new Webinar series at work today and I'm really nervous. It's the first anything I've ever launched where it's been mine from inception. I'm not presenting, but I'm running the program. I know in my heart it's going to be fine, but my head sure has stage fright! Cross your fingers for me at 2pm Central time.

- Sadly being nervous gives me the munchies and I have no will power. Thank goodness they took away the office Halloween candy. I may have to make a run for a danish....

See you at the polls tomorrow!
There were unforseen glitches with the webinar and we started 20 minutes late. I didn't have a coronary until after everything was over. I would say after it was over that I feel like I gave birth, but a co-worker and mother took me to task on that. So I'll just say I feel like I just passed a kidney stone.... (and if you've passed one, don't take me to task, I'm not in the mood :) )


Bunny said...

It should be over by now - so, how did it go? I was thinking of you at 3 my time and I hope it helped!

cb said...

You better be voting, beyotch!