Wednesday, November 5, 2008

I usually check on my favorite blogs twice a day. First thing in the morning before I get started, and while I sit at my desk eating a quick lunch.
(yes, though I swore I never would, I sometimes have to eat at my desk, which I detest)

Once in a while one of my favorite blogs will have a comment from someone who's comment is fun enough that I follow their link and look through their blog. Today while checking out OhNoChrisO I found a HOOT of a blog. it's called Margaret and Helen - Best Friends for 60 years and counting.

These two ladies live in separate states, but blog together after one of their grandsons showed them how. I haven't delved into their blog yet or figured out how long they've been around, but talk about readership. Their blog today already has 129 comments. The one from yesterday has 471! Go see them (below) and read up. We should all be so spry at that age!

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