Monday, August 18, 2008

Pushing the seasons

I was in Wallgreens this weekend and ran across this lovely display above. It's August 16 and there's HALLOWEEN CANDY out already. Yeah, I was tempted to buy because candy corn (in all it's various shapes) is one of my favorites, but it's still August!

The weekend of August 9 was Market Days, a street fair that lasts two days and is the biggest summer street festival in the Midwest. Always a summer staple. This past Tuesday I was walking home from dinner with friends and noticed that the same area that was still cleaning up from Market Days, already had the fall banners on the street lamp poles.

One of the biggest differences weather wise I've had to adjust to moving from South Carolina to Chicago is that the summer is short. But what we consider summer isn't so much when the kids are out of school, or the named months of June, July, and August, but it is more defined by how many days we have to crank the AC, or wear shorts when we're out. Our summer days are numbered as we're getting less and less light during the day. But please, don't rush summer away with Halloween Candy and fall signage. The next step will be Christmas trees on sale for Labor Day!


Bunny said...

I'm just waiting for the first Christmas tree of August. I'm betting it will be at Target. They had the back-to-school stuff displayed in late June and they usually replace it with Christmas (Halloween gets another part of the store). I'm watching. Waiting.

SUEB0B said...

I know merchandisers have to do their thing, but to me it ruins the holiday to have it start too early. I am cranky, I know.

I do love those pumpkins made of candy corn stuff...pure sugah baby!

cb said...

Well, they HAVE to put out the hallowe'en stuff early so that the christmas displays can go up in October.

Like they did last year.