Monday, August 25, 2008

It's a hard job #2

You saw the view from the balcony at sunset (better picture coming) here's how it looks in all its sunny glory.

Cayman (well, the Caribbean as a whole it seems) has odd weather. We took a break from the exhausting business of laying in the water and/or snorkeling for lunch and happen to be in the room to catch this shot of the rain passing by. It was sunny and cloudless by the time we got back to the pool.

You can see the rain coming in the dark wall. So very cool.


Bunny said...

So gorgeous!

Yeah, it must be a rough life to have to endure such difficult conditions for your job. You have my sympathy. In fact, I'm such a great friend that I will volunteer to accompany you to these horrendous places just so you don't have to suffer them alone, 'k?

Just Kevin... said...

Sorry Bunny! I got to accompany him on this trip! Yippee! It was great for 6 days. Then the unschedule return began! But it is beautiful and Chris is a great travel companion!