Sunday, August 24, 2008

It's a hard job, but.......

Since college I've had to combat the teasing my friends gave me about the nature of my work. Yes I get to travel, yes I get to stay in nicer hotels than I ever would on my own dime, but I have to work from before sunrise until near midnight most of the time I'm there.

This trip, however, I guess i need to fess up and say, yeah... I'm enjoying this one! When managing a conference internationally, I need to be on-site a couple of days before the start so that we have a chance to get to know the property, contact the customs broker and make sure our convention materials have made it through customs, etc etc. This time, it's all gone well and I've had the chance to enjoy the Ritz Carlton Grand Cayman.... I would have more and better pictures, but I resigned myself to enjoy more than watch the clock or think of taking pictures. I did capture this one out of my balcony the first night here.

More to come :)


Lea in SC said...

Gorgeous! So glad you are finally getting to enjoy a conference trip!

cb said...

Do me a favor and be sure to wipe your ass with some of the Ritz's sheets, ok?

Sully them until they are unrecognizable!