Wednesday, August 13, 2008

12 of 12 (v3) August 2008

Always wanting to do something fun and new, I found a project being orchestrated by Chad Darnell when I was looking for other bloggers who were taking part in the AIDS Marathon Training Program.

Chad's project asks bloggers to take 12 photos of their daily lives on the 12th of the month. I tried to start this last month, but the 12th fell on a very rare Saturday when I had the day to myself and the pictures would have been 'me on the couch watching this movie' then 'me on the couch watching that movie' or 'me sleeping'... you get the idea.

So for August 2008, here's my day in 12 pictures.

I've actually been awake for 20 minutes, but couldn't pull myself out of bed. Check the weather. Is it not summer?

Starbucks be damned. I'm not a coffee person, but a bucket-o-Diet Pepsi will do the job.

"Route, X80, Lakeshore to Harlem" The bus says as the doors open and invite me to my usual seat.

At my desk a little early so I start my day with posting TMI Tuesday on my blog
(don't forget to comment on who should/could play me in a movie!)

Watering the only plant I've ever kept alive for any length of time. My old boss gave me this in February of 2007... he's about twice as big as when I got him. :)

I have a conference coming up this month and I've been working on the specs all day and will continue to work on them until the end of the day.

At lunch and enjoying a great book series relaying a fictional tale that gives background story to the legend of Arthur and Camelot.

At the Harlem station about to jump on the Blue Line back home.

Met Patrick, one of the neighborhood dogs who looks an awfully lot like my childhood dog Marshmellow (aka, Bash {short sounding a on that}, Barsh, "Run-like-a-piggy-bash)

Meeting a couple of Deaf friends at Halsted's Grill
(mmmmm....tater tots....)
Great weather for sitting on Halsted's back deck for dinner. Me signing something to my friends while also trying to discretely take my own picture.

The news takes me back to bed. As much as I hate the situation, I enjoyed immensely watching Cardinal George eat a BIG friggin' pile of crow as the archdiocese of Chicago announced a $12.7 million settlement in the abuse trials.


Lea in SC said...

Love this idea! And I also love how some of the pics are familiar from all our visits with you. Pat Patrick on his head when you see him again for me!

Just Kevin... said...

I wish you'd told me about the 12th in 12! Imagine what mine could've been!! 3 airports, 3 planes, 1 hotel room, 3 shuttle buses, 1 sorta pleased dog, and 1 nicely made bed of my own!

cb said...

I'm sorry you are working so very much. The weather that Chicago is getting is SOOOO Ferris Buehler! How can you stand NOT to be by the lake???

Dogeared said...

Welcome to 12 of 12! And from the bit under your Blog title - 6 foot 7? Sweet Moses that's tall (well I'm 5'8", so it is to me!)

Hope you enjoyed 12 of 12 - and I smiled at the bit about "this is what last month would have been like..."! I'd love to know sign language - I only know a few signs (and the alphabet), probably British rather than ASL though.

(sorry I'm late, I was away for a bit, then really busy!)

Helen, 12er