Friday, August 1, 2008

Just in time....perhaps

I travel a lot. Much more now than I used to and sometimes it can get burdensome. I'll be home a total of 13 days in August. Both times I'm away, I'm gone for work. The travel can be hard as I'm still working, and often working much longer than the standard 8 hour day. But the plus side can be a pick me up.

Such as, the end of this month will have me traveling to Grand Cayman for a conference. Yes I'll be in the Caribbean, yes I'll have an ocean front view, yes this is my hotel

But I'll still be up at 6am (which means no drinking the night before) and I'll still work on my feet until around 8 or 9pm that evening and I'll get to smile 24/7 answering attendee questions like "Where's the Ballroom" (the one that's behind them?) or "Why can't I have an ocean front room?" (because you're a cheap bastard and wouldn't pay $229/night?) I get all kinds of questions... but at the end of the day... I can step on the beach, take a few deep breaths and it will all fade away.

What brought this on was as I was looking for more Harry Potter stuff (Geek Ray set to stun) I saw a new bit of HP info that I'd not heard, or let's just say, my owl has not made it to me yet with the announcement about....

That's right! Opening approximately Spring of 2010, Orlando will unveil its newest park dedicated to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. While I am a Harry Potter fan, I wouldn't truck my cookies all the way to Orlando for the sole purpose of this park. My dislike of Orlando and the vision of crazed and uncontrolled children on vacation far outweighs my love for Harry Potter. However... I did just sign the hotel contract for my 2010 annual conference at an Orlando hotel so I'll be there in October... Harry's world opens around April.... I think I know where I can go!

Time to get my broom....

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cb said...

I always wanted the vibrating harry potter broom.