Thursday, October 2, 2008

Email signatures and warm regards

Professional pet peeve time:

Email signature areas are meant to include your contact information, not to serve as your static "good bye" because you're too lazy to type something. And guess what.... "Warm regards" sounds as inviting as cold oatmeal or a limp handshake.

You can see it in people's email like you could see it in their eyes. "yeah, I'm writing you, but I couldn't give 5 more seconds to you to come up with an original closing line like "thanks for your help" or "Have a great weekend" so I'll just leave you with

Warm regards,

Lazy Fucker,
Bladie Blah Company

It used to be that emails were the standard for quick answers and confirming details, but we still wrote real letters where the courtesy and professionalism was kept. These days emails are becoming more and more accepted as the standard communication so the same professionalism should be applied. Believe me... we can see the lazy and apathetic approach in emails just as we did in regular letters.

OK, morning rant over.

Cold Oatmeal,


cb said...

I have two standard closings. For pure business where I don't know the people I always use "sincerely". It's a classic.

If I know the people (businessly) I may say something like "Thanks for your help on this project!"

for all others, you just get "cb"

Anonymous said...

I totally agree. My other fave is that one of my bosses actually uses the subject line of the email to send me a task... and rarely writes anything in the body.
Such as "re: please send me the guatemala report..."
And then he hits send. I know the man is busy, but what about team building????