Monday, October 20, 2008

i love it!

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Bunny said...

When my husband and I saw this on the lolcatz site we said the same thing "Henri!" and laughed our heads off. The kids were clueless (yes, we review the lolcatz as a family; A very geeky family). I had a rabbit that looked EXACTLY like the bun in the picture and she climbed on cats just like that (female rabbit hump too - go figure). Eerie.

Even after we got Henrietta fixed, she wouldn't leave the cats alone. She was a funny, but vicious, bun. She put other buns in the hospital from her attacks and could give a human a serious whuppin' too. She died a few years ago when she was 9. She moved to my parents' basement when we had Boy because we were afraid she'd hurt him. She was THAT mean.