Wednesday, October 29, 2008

And it's tasty too!

One of my co-workers grew up and still lives on the west side of Chicago. A few weeks ago we were all talking about different tastes and what some people would think would be odd, we liked. She told us that she'd grown up taking a full dill pickle, biting off the top and shoving a peppermint stick into the pickle. After the laughing died off, she was still swearing by it and threatened to bring them in to work one day for us to sample.

Today was the day. Unfortunately she wasn't able to get a dill pickle and brought in one sour pickle and one hot/spicy pickle. Not a good way to try to convince the skeptical folks. It was, obviously, nasty and the face Lucy is making above doesn't come close to what I did. But I told my coworker that I'd still hold out judgement until I could taste it with a dill pickle the way she intended. I went downstairs to grab some chips for lunch and noticed they had dill pickle slices for their deli board and asked for one. I tried it with some peppermint chunks and have to say.. not an entirely terrible taste. I couldn't finish an entire pickle, but I can appreciate it would be a good taste if you were used to it.

This led me to think about what other odd tastes are out there that we might like, but know others may make a face about. Share here and let me know. Here are some to start:

- dip Wendy's fries in a Wendy's Frosty
- cold hot dog wiener with peanut butter (only one per year)


cb said...

I grew up eating B.L.P. sandwiches... bacon, lettuce, and peanutbutter.

I also like peanutbutter and cheese sandwiches.

Lea in SC said...

the pointed end of french fries don't taste good, so i leave them on the plate. tim eats them if he's with me and embarrassed by them. :)

Max's Dad said...

instead of a cheeseburger, try a peanut butter burger. Yum!

Bunny said...

When I was a Girl Scout, we would get peppermint sticks that had holes in them kind of like straws and stick them in oranges (rolled on the counter first, to release the juices) and suck the orange juice through the peppermint stick. Not as weird as dill pickles and peppermint, but a little odd.

As a kid I liked ketchup sandwiches. My dad worked for Heinz, so we got lots of ketchup and pickles and other things cheap which was good because I went through ketchup like there was no tommorrow. Heinz ketchup and squishy, bleached white sandwich bread.

transitiongirl2008 said...

I LOVE ketchup sandwiches, just like Bunny! But lately, I've been eating tator tots with garlic chunks and Dukes Mayo...