Monday, September 29, 2008

Monday... in every sense of the bad word...

This morning is off to a Crap start with a capital C! Ever had one of those morning you just can't get going, you're fumbling over yourself to get out the door? It's due to rain today in Chicago (of course) so I carried my umbrella and stopped by the BP for my usual Bucket-o-Diet Pepsi. I put the Pepsi down to grab some napkins, dropped my umbrella, it bounced and hit the Pepsi and the bucket proceeded to illustrate the principal of entropy to its best ability. I'm actually surprised my bus wasn't hit by a chicken truck on the way to work.

While I compose my day back on track, take a trip over to Joe My God's Blog and watch Tina Fey do, yet another, spot on impression of Sarah Palin.

Happy Monday!


cb said...

And here my monday is just slower than Palin's new baby.

Just Kevin... said...

and my Mondays slipped by faster than Bristol Palin's baby daddy the day after Election Day