Thursday, July 10, 2008

Stupid is as Stupid does...

Thanks to Lea in SC for sending the following headlines showing that you shouldn't feel bad if you're stupid... you're far from alone!

Let's start with Lea's favorite: (edited Naf Naf!)

Future NRA President?

Well, I've always thought many lawyers could sue anyone, anywhere, anytime for any reason

This reminds me of the movie "Dave" where he debates spending $XX million on a campaign to bolster confidence in Americans who have purchased American cars... paying to make them feel better for something they've already done.... way to go!

I have a feeling that Geraldo will be covering the excavation site LIVE!

Being a Meeting Planner... I understand the idiocy of some meetings

"We had no idea anyone was buried there"... In a mausoleum? Really?

Those Utah folks don't miss anything do they?

Your tax dollars at work!

Those damn 22 year olds.... They've always been the bain of teenage pregnancy!

I've known quite a few industrious Puerto Ricans, but wow... she's a busy girl!

Think he smacks his ass when he applauds??


Max's Dad said...

those are freakin hilarious.

cb said...

I love that the baby was photographed WITH the gun!

Oh, and the teen pregnancy one is just funny!