Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Just a dip will do.....

So I've been in Chicago for 8 years which means essentially out of the South for nearly a decade. Imagine my surprise when I was taken back to redneckville this morning on the bus to work.

A guy gets on the bus and as he's walking toward the back of the bus where I'm sitting I think "Wow, he must have gotten smacked in the face! Look at that fat lip!" Then I saw him pull the empty plastic Pepsi bottle from his pocket, put it to his mouth and spit brown.

For those of you who weren't as fortunate as I was to grow up with the rednecks... this is what's called dipping. And it's about as gross as gross can be. When I was a teenager I tried it just to see what it was like. Sadly, my neighbor Greg who had been dipping a while already used Copenhagen which I guess is a stronger taste and I got dizzy from the impact. Imagine super duper mint overwhelming you.

But the fact that they're just putting the cancer against their lips isn't the worst part. Yes, I know, the cancer will hit their lips and the doctor will have to graft skin from their backside to repair the damage and then every time they lick their lips they'll be kissing their own ass. However, the gross part is that it's (perceived) socially acceptable spitting. And what's worse... spitting is bad enough, but they're putting it in a bottle to carry around with them and I can see it sloshing around.

It's gross.
You may think it's cool
but this is how you look to the rest of the world


Max'sDad said...

I tried the Red Man once during a bad time in my life somewhere between 1956 and now. I am getting sick just thinking about it.

Bunny said...

That video almost made me vomit. While I can't understand chewing tobacco at all, I am even more perplexed that anyone would ever, ever, EVER kiss these people, much less reproduce with them. Yet by the number of child support payments some of these dudes have, it must happen. (I used to be the county attorney who enforced child support payments for 5 different counties, so I ran across a lot of these dudes.) Scary.

cb said...

God, so many rednecks in the south "dip". It was gross.

At work occasionally a spit cup or bottle would get knocked over and I would retch.