Thursday, July 3, 2008

Project Alphabet

It's Thursday before July 4. We get out of work early today. I have plenty to do to keep me busy, but you know what today feels like... not so productive. I found this little ABC game over at SueBob's and thought I'd do it for fun and to hopefully get the distraction out of the way.

Happy 4th everyone!

The ABCs of Me

Accent: A mish-mash. Folks here in Chicago say it’s southern. Folks back home in SC say it’s flat. (well, compared to theirs its flat)

Breakfast or no breakfast: Breakfast is a must. Not a Thanksgiving meal sized breakfast, but a juice and a pastry ain’t gonna cut it. There’s a necessary reason for it for me, but regardless, it’s the most important meal of the day!

Chore I don’t care for: Cleaning the bathroom. Ugh! Oddly, it’s not because I don’t want to clean the place in your house that gets dirtiest, it’s just that my bathroom is SMALL. There’s no easy or comfortable way for ME (big as I am) to do it and do it well. If you know me, you know I get aggravated in situations like this so I have to make sure no one is around when I clean the bathroom and I don’t want to talk on the phone during or right after.... I’ll be one pissy whiner (no pun intended)

Dog or Cat: Neither directly, but if I could have one, I’d prefer a dog. Not that I dislike cats, but I’m allergic. I know some folks live with them and say their allergies go away.. I think it’s just that your sinuses finally block up to the point they don’t bother you... but it’s just a time bomb waiting to go off. I lived with a cat for a while when I was in college. Never lost my allergy, but that place was “cat clean” top to bottom every week.

Essential Electronics: Laptop. iPod especially when there’s a new season of Dexter or The Tudors to download!

Favorite Cologne: I have a very strong sense of smell to the point that many colognes and perfumes will give me a headache especially if it’s spice or musk. The scents I can handle are light and fresh smelling. My own favorite that I’ve worn for eons (that is on the very rare instance that I wear it) is Cool Water by Davidoff.

Gold or Silver: Silver, no doubt. Some folks look good in gold. I don’t. Like cologne, I rarely wear jewelry in the first place. If I’m jewelry-ish about anything I’m kind of a watch whore. I don’t own a lot, but if I had money, I’d be buying them often.

Handbag I carry most often: Well... I wouldn’t call it a handbag... but my backpack is rarely out of my reach.

Insomnia: If I get up during the night to go to the bathroom I have to work hard to keep my mind from thinking too much. If it gets started, I’m awake the rest of the night. God forbid I wake up and the clock says 3:15am....

Job Title: Conference Manager for an association

Kids: None that have come forward to claim my wealth.... (Like either of those are possible)

Living Arrangements: Me and my minuscule bathroom in a nice corner condo that overlooks a park.

Most Admirable Trait: I’m a good human

Naughtiest Childhood Behavior: I, was an ANGEL! (with medium sized devil horns) My sibs could probably tell more, but the one I can remember was that I had a love/hate thing for ketchup sandwiches. I’d make them, eat half, then hide the rest somewhere (under the bed, in the closet, etc.)

Overnight hospital stays: Growing up I think I had enough to cover myself and the sibs without their having to stay over. Asthma, broken arm, eye surgery.

Phobias: Falling. Not afraid of heights, but I’m afraid of falling. Before I left SC friends and I would do our little ‘adventure tourism’ weekend trips and they kept talking about sky diving. They knew they’d have to forcibly get me out of a perfectly good plane.

Quote: “Equality is a powerful word. Either you have it completely, or you remain unequal”

Reason to smile: SueBob said “I smile like a goon all the time.” I don’t usually like to copy other people’s answers on these things, but this one I had to keep because it’s the same for me. I’m very easy to smile and have held tightly to humor and laughter my entire life. What makes me smile easiest? Recognizing a loved one’s voice or seeing that they’re calling. OR when I see someone walking a dog toward me. Funny thing though, I’ve had people react to me like I’m trying to pick them up or something. One day I’m going to get the cajones to say “Don’t flatter yourself, I’m smiling at your dog”

Siblings: (in age order) Sister, brother, sister-in-law. There’s also a faux-sister who I’ve known since high school and we’ve claimed to be siblings on trips so people wouldn’t think we were dating. This extended family was a running joke for years, but came to be true when I was asked to give away her younger sister at her wedding. Which I did!

Time I wake up: Dawn’s crack. 5 – 5:30am

Unusual Talent or Skill: For some reason the good Lord made me take to learning sign language like a duck to water.

Vegetable I Refuse to Eat: Rutabaga. I remember growing up my mom loved them and made them once in a while. I could smell that stuff before I even stepped into my driveway walking home from school.

Worst Habit: Sucking air through my teeth.

X-rays: Yes. So many I may glow in the dark.

Yummy Stuff: Since sweets are the obvious thing here for me, I’ll say Pesto. Pesto can go with ANYTHING!

Zoo Animal I Like Most: Giraffes. All animals are cool, but I kind of liked them most. A friend from college moved to Columbia, SC (poor thing) and his first apartment was across the highway from Riverbanks Zoo. First time I stayed over I was rudely awaken by the howler monkeys. Loud bitches.

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Bunny said...

I used to make ketchup sandwiches as a kid - but mine was a love-only relationship with them. Heinz ketchup (my dad worked for Heinz for 40 years) on spongy white bread. Sounds nasty now, but I loved them back in the day.