Thursday, July 24, 2008


As Bunny has posted on her blog several times.... "To Blog is a self invasion of privacy"

Some things about my life you won't find on here, because there's a certain amount of decorum. But, some things you will hear or see that are easily laughed at and some will press the boundaries of my comfort level because I've kept certain things hidden for SO many years that it's hard to let go. Examples could be that:

- When I was very young, I could clog (and owned the tap shoes to go with it)


- This was me (in a terribly unflattering picture) in 7th grade band (circa 1979)

Do I look like I've broken my nose or what?


SUEB0B said...

OMG clogging. LOL. Is there anything that screams "I don't want to ever get laid" louder than clogging?

Admission: I folk danced for fun in high school. Yes, while my peers were getting high and going to prom, I was doing the grapevine step with old Greek ladies. Opa!

Lea in SC said...

OMG I can't believe you posted it! Yes, your nose does look abnormally sure doesn't look like that now. Love the "fro curls, though... :)

Stephen Rader said...

Cute, cute, CUTE!!!! You were/are adorable!!! Look at all that hair!! I love it!!!!