Friday, May 2, 2008

Inaugeral Over/UnderRated Friday!

A new type of Daily Special Meme has come about thanks to Troll. Over/UnderRated Friday. Pick a topic you think is over or underrated and let's hear it! Today I'm picking


I don't know if this is such a big topic outside Chicago, but the whole "Obama's former Pastor" otherwise known as Reverend Jeremiah Wright. Since he's a Chicago pastor it is on our news ALL the friggin' time. Some think him being constantly linked to Obama will hurt Obama's campaign. If you have seen Rev. Wright speak, you will probably agree that calling him Obama's FORMER pastor can only help Obama. I mean if we're looking for a president who makes smart decisions, then Obama has hit a home run by distancing himself from this OVERRATED big bag of hot f'ing air!

I will give him the benefit of the doubt. One of his congregants stated that Rev.Wright was misunderstood and the media only projects the most inflammatory remarks. But when he says all the media against him is "speaking against the black church". Unless the media says, "All this bad publicity is because of the black church" then NO, they're not speaking against the black church, they're speaking against your loud mouth, Al Sharpton wanna be, waning 15 minutes of fame, dumbass self.

I hope to hell we're at 14.5 minutes because this man and his drivel are OVERrated.


The Troll said...

Overrated, overexposed, but definately not overly intelligent. I feel sorry for you getting a triple dose in Chicago. Disagree about Obama though. It would have been SMART and shown integrity to dump "Reverend" Wright 19 years ago. Too late now.

Happy Over-Under Friday.

Bunny said...

I must agree; definitely overrated.

It's sad for their personal relationship that it had to go this far, but Obama should have distanced himself quite a while back.

Anonymous said...

He should have done this weeks ago, while Wright's handlers quietly took him away for a nice 90-day spa vacation in the Swiss mountains somewhere. Sorry you're getting All Jeremiah All The Time, but I gotta say that I'm enjoying the whole spectacle this year...hey, at least it's a real show and not some pre-planned routine yawner of a political season.

Just Kevin... said...

I'd love to cast stones on this one not because I disagree with his views but because he's made this all about himself, thought nothing about the big picture, then said the 'attacks' were on an entire community of churches not just one wingnut. As far as Obama goes, I think of the number of times I sat at Our Lady of the Cadillacs Catholic Church and listed to the moralistic, narrow focused, out of touch preachings from the pulpit and just yawned and scratched where it itched. I didn't get up and walk out. Although I guess I had in some sense....I'm not sure I can fault him for not changing churches but I can for not coming out against Wright's statements sooner...