Sunday, May 4, 2008


The past couple of nights I've needed to get up early. Met trainer on Friday morning and had my first Marathon Training run on Saturday. I tend to worry that I won't wake up so if I wake up during the night I can't get back to sleep. I find myself in Starbucks this morning after yet another day of waking up around 4am and not being able to get back to sleep. I did laundry though this morning. I have another full day today so I have to get going, but if I post on one blog, I feel like I have to do something for another blog.

Movie suggestion of the day (because I caught the last 45 minutes of it on TV while I was trying to either get up or go back to sleep) Over the Hedge. Truly funny animated movie with some great voices. William Shatner as an overacting (?!) possum with Avril Levine as his possum daughter... and she's like "So... Whatever!"

Back tomorrow for more!

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cb said...

If you are nervous about oversleeping, set a second alarm for 5 minutes after the first is to go off.

I think the redundant alarms will ease your mind some. It does me when I have important things to get up for.