Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Speed of Light TMI Tuesday - Late Version

This week... Good Lord....
SO much is going on. I have a 4 page "to do" list at work that just keeps getting longer (but I still LOVE my job!), a performance this weekend that I am MC'ing and running around to get ready for, guests coming into town to stay in my, currently, 80% clean house and I have 3 work events pulling at my time during and after hours. I'm sorry I missed TMI Tuesday yesterday, but it didn't dawn on me until this morning that yesterday was even Tuesday! So here's the Wham Bam Thank You Ma'am TMI Tuesday.

1. Is there a TV show you HAVE to watch, if so, what is it?

Only one? :) Actually with my best friend TiVo living with me I don't feel the impetus to HAVE to watch a show during it's original air time since I can catch it later and zip through the commercials. However, that being said, HEROES is the one show that I will wait 15 minutes for so TiVo has a head start, but I can't put off watching it. I get antsy. I'm behind the writers when they went on strike, but do you KNOW what you did to me breaking up the season this year? I'm glad you got the fair compensation that was due to you, but don't come between me and my Heroes again....

2. What is you favorite drink if you are going to drink more than one?
Diet Pepsi with a lemon wedge (not the factory created 'we-decide-the-ratio' flavor). In the bar it would be vodka with grapefruit juice or a good white wine

3. How long do you carry guilt around with you?
I should have been Catholic or a nun... If I find out how NOT to carry it around with me I'll be happy!
4. Where is or would be your number one romantic get away spot?
I can't think of a specific location just yet, but I think it's a beach house somewhere that can offer secluded beach area for us to enjoy privacy, but also be close enough to things to have fun with the rest of the world. I can't imagine having days on end of just one on one with no other interaction. I'm not that interesting and my partner would be bored to tears!
5. Have you ever seen a counselor?
Nope.... do I need to?

Bonus (as in optional): Last summer the Archives of Sexual Behavior the 237 reasons people have sex and the Top 50 Reasons Men and Women Have Sex. What are your top 5 reasons?
Do I need 5 reasons? Why does a mountain climber climb a mountain? Because it's there!


cb said...

Although I don't feel that I MUST watch any tv... I do resonate with Heros quite a bit. I can't wait for its return.

Lea in SC said...

Heroes...yeah, I am with you but LOST - now that I have to watch AS IT HAPPENS. Even with the ads, (gives Tim and me time to discuss!).
Guests? GUESTS? Hee. I shall have fun with this one.

Stephen Rader said...

Because it's there!!! Amen, baby!! Amen!!