Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Even God gets annoyed with you!!!

I received a text from Just Kevin last night asking if I'd sworn off blogging these days. You know Just Kevin... his last blog was May 10.... (kidding JK)

It's been an odd past 2 months. The economy (and I detest that word now) has made my work life overtly stressful as most of my conference attendees are government employees of some level and when the economy goes in the crapper, travel is the first thing cut so I'm on the run trying to either fill hotel space or get rid of it. In both cases it would be easier for me to get George Dubya to have sex with Palin and then get an abortion. But I digress.

So aside from constantly running the "UP" preview in my head SQUIRREL!............. Hi there...

I try to find something to make me laugh until the economy turns around. Thanks to Troy from LACVB for sending this jewel this morning.

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Lea in SC said...

LOL...and I love that UP scene too, can't wait to see it.