Tuesday, June 16, 2009

I feel like someone has Hucka'd my Bejeepers

Wha wha WHAT????

you may ask in your best Sheila Broflovski voice from South Park. But if you know me you know that the tracks of my train of thought from one topic to another can look as convoluted as a capillary diagram of the brain or Dubya Bush's plan for the War on Terrorism.

I still read my favorite blogs nearly every day, but since my anniversary post on June 3 I've just not had time or creative umphda to post. So you're still wondering about where the hell, or how in the hell I came up with saying someone's Hucka'd my Bejeepers. I think at least one of my tens of fans will catch the connection.

1. I was looking at my calendar sighing over how half of June is gone already and I've been going 100mph since day one.
2. I saw that the rest of June is just as bad and only getting worse.
3. June is just Busting at the seams with stuff and I'm anxious about catching up
4. June is busting out all over! (showtune or iconic movie references always make for a good thought tangent)
6. "and they Hucka the Bejeepers"

And with that 6-step track change I landed back in one of my favorite blog posts from Are You There Blog? It's Me, Stephen.

Some things I could watch a million times and they'd still make me laugh on the worst of days. So I hope Ms. Uggams doesn't get the words right any time soon.

And if you know me... especially recently... you know that a new way of finding a laugh when most needed is the "Texts From Last Night" website. Today's favorite

(815): I woke up naked this morning and I found out that I thought I was Adam last night and Eve was my wife so I ran naked saying I was in the Garden of Eden and I could shit wherever I wanted.....too bad the garden was in my friends apt.......I spent the morning cleaning and have reached a new low

(addition post-blog production)
Talking about Texts From Last Night made me think of a certain time texting came back to haunt... someone we all know and love when he texted someone just at the time when the Apple store employee powered up the customer's iPhone:


Just Kevin... said...

As I handed the phone to Caleb and heard the distinctive incoming text alert only one thought came to my mind: "Please don't let that be Chris!"

Lea in SC said...

Oh Chris. You create the best stories of humiliation, I swear!

cb said...

Just because it's June! June!!! Joooooaaaaan!