Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Happy Anniversary To Me!

Today is my 9th anniversary of moving to Chicago!

At that time I made the mistake of thinking you could just walk up to Chicago and find an apartment. That may be so if you're looking in the $2,000 per month range, but not for me.
And while I'd love to post a nice long blog about my time (which I will soon) I can't as I'm scurrying around getting ready for a conference that begins Friday. So let me offer this little amusing piece.

This shows that while I'm happy and proud to have grown up in South Carolina, I think I'll make sure that I don't die in South Carolina. This is from The Red Eye today:

6'7" - Tall Order
The South Carolina funeral board has revoked the licenses of a funeral home and its director for cutting the legs of a 6 foot 7 man so his corpse would fit in a casket.

Good thing he didn't die with a stiffy huh??


Max's Dad said...

There's a weird part of me that finds that practice pretty creative.

Bunny said...

I've been following the story of the cut off corpse legs in the papers here. At first the funeral director implied that the family okayed cutting the legs so that they wouldn't have to pay for a special casket, but when they had a hissy he backed off.

Yet another reason to just be cremated.

cb said...

Um--- remember to order the extra LONG casket, ok?? I don't want you tromping through hell on stumps...