Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Old Habits Die Hard!

I've read before that your musical tastes in life are largely influenced by your high school and college years. If that is the case, I'm stuck with 80's music forever since I began my high school in fall of '80 and finished my first round of college in '89.
Since so many memories are tied to music and my music realm is the 80's, I guess it's only natural that many 80's music memories come back to my best friend from high school Lea in SC.
This memory connection is so strong that I can send her an email with a fraction of a lyric and she'll write back with the exact memory. Sometimes that connection can have an unwanted effect, but that's a story best told in person.

With that memory connection came today's little 80's "reflex" (pun-intended). Below is the email I sent to Lea in SC right after my little knee jerk reaction and the laughing fit at myself the followed:

The Reflex just came on my iPod list and I'm working away on a schedule spreadsheet and even though I'm typing away, after the music bridge where Simon comes back in singing "Why yi yi yi yi yi don't you use it" with the accented percussion and my right hand flies off the keyboard, up in the air, grabbing my imaginary drum stick and hits the imaginary drum (that's oddly suspended at head level to my right) with each accented "yi". do you still do that even subconsciously??

For those of you who have eschewed the 80's or dislike Duran Duran for whatever reason (hair, bubblegum pop, etc) the video for this song is below and the point in question is around 3min31sec in the video. I have a feeling, however, that many of you know what I'm talking about. Admit it....


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I always liked duran duran-- even if the lyrics were a bit... Nonsensical.