Friday, February 6, 2009

Fiesty Friday

Today's Topic

Chrysler's PT Cruiser

This is the automotive bane of my existence. They came out when I lived in South Carolina so I'm sure that is where my initial impression of them came from. What is that impression?

Trailer park rednecks
Why? Because this is how the first one appeared to me

A new car... in the 90's.... and we go with wood paneling? Hello?!? Mike Brady wants his car back.

If you have one of these cars, more power to you. But I can't stand them. They're one step above this one in looks
(and she's workin' that fur while admiring her new 1975 car)

And as if the PT Cruiser weren't ugly enough, you KNOW that people with far too much perceived disposable income and no taste for what is necessary will start making modifications and sending out the following subliminal messages:

"I've got a small penis, but maybe from up here you can't tell"

"Poor White Trash kids go to Proms too!"

"Yes I've got a green card!"

"I'm short and can't afford a DeLorean but my vanity plate is 'SHRTMNCMPLX'"


Just Kevin... said...

I remember you happily riding in a lovely white one that took an entire day of mine in Chicago and ruined it!

Max's Dad said...

I actually dig those cars. I came this close to buying a butterscotch PT cruiser a couple of years back. Of course you're talking to a guy who loves the old VW bugs too. Sheeeeee-yoot them PT's sho is fine!!

cb said...

When they showed the concept model of this vehicle at the autoshows, it actually looked GOOD.

Then they went into production and took all the fun design cues and made them...

well... you know.

Anonymous said...

Loved the Pinto comparison...

Project Christopher said...

Max's Dad - I could TOLERATE the PT if I had too, but I tolerated the SC rednecks too long in life so it's an association thing.

However, I love the old VW Bugs too! While everyone else has dream cars of Porshe and Jaguars, mine is a royal blue 65 white ragtop VW bug.

Bunny said...

LOL @ the woodies - we say they're "still in the crate"