Monday, February 9, 2009

M'eh Monday

Monday's are usually a big blah. Everyone is getting over the weekend and can't get up and at 'em since sleeping late felt so good on Saturday & Sunday.

This weekend was great weather in Chicago. 90% of the snow is gone which is great, but the downside to that yearly experience came to visit again. If you don't live in a city, you may not know what "Curbing your Dog" means. Gross as it may sound to you, we do have to pick up after our dogs when they do the poopy-do. It seems there are a lot of Lincoln Park Trixie's who walk their dogs and when the snow is deep, seem to think that they don't have to pick up after. While the snow (or packed ice) is there, the secret of the Trixie's is safe. But then a nice weekend like this past one comes along and these little left behind prezzies come out for all of us to step on/in or hopscotch over.

I say this every year, and I'll keep saying it:


see you not curbing your dog, I will pick up your dog's doo-doo and either smear it on your faux-but-fugly coat or if I'm too far away, I will chuck it at you and giggle my ass off.

No, the Mystery of the Trixie Poop Treasure is not really related to my M'eh Monday, but it was one of two things on my mind and the other is not ready to be published.


cb said...

One of my secret joys when I had a dog was letting him bomb houses along our walk.

Just the ugly houses-- or mean peoples houses though.

Stephen Rader said...

Great to see you the other night!

I seriously want to see you pick up dog poo and throw it at someone. Not me, of course, but someone else.

Can I give you a list of people I would like you to throw dog poo at? Even if they don't own a dog? :)

Bunny said...

Even in the 'burbs folks are expected to pick up after the pups. It's just SO impolite to not do so! One thing I've always loved about Chicago is that there tend to be enough trash cans about that dog owners should not have any problem bagging the offending matter and tossing it. Here in the 'burbs we have to carry it all the way home!

SUEB0B said...

It's a good thing I always carry a boatload of plastic baggies for Goldie to do her thing. I would hate to have a doody-smeared coat!