Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Oh yeah...

A big old "I told you so!"

See my posting about this back in December

Sean Penn kicked some serious booty!

My thoughts on the other Best Actor noms:

Richard Jenkins: The Visitor
I watched this movie on Sunday. It is actually a great movie. But he mostly just stands there looking lost. I can do that! I'm doing it now... see? Then he yells at a correctional officer at a detainee site while the officer looks at him like he's mentally cataloging his Tupac Shakur collection. I can do that on a CTA platform. I like Richard Jenkins, but this was not an Oscar worthy performance.

Frank Langella: FROST/NIXON
I haven't seen this movie, but based on the previews, I think he may have done quite a good job. I like Frank after seeing him in the movie Dave. He played a bad guy, but he did it well.

Brad Pitt: Blah Blah Blah Benjamin Button
WhatEVER! I loved that Hugh Jackman made a joke that he was contractually obligated to mention Brad & Angie (aka, the babymakers) 5 times during the broadcast. Sorry Brad, you're a handsome man but the sun does not rise and set on your ass.

Mickey Rourke: The Wrestler
Who? What? All I saw was some silver tooth and Marisa Tomei sitting very uncomfortably beside it. Your 15 minutes was up 15 years ago.


Lea in SC said...

Saw The Wrestler - he was good in it and was perfect for it. But no, I didn't think it was Oscar worthy. But I think his screwed up past has humbled him and he is a very good actor. He had a picture of his dog, Loki, that died a week ago, on a necklace. How can you not like a man that loves his dogs like that???

cb said...

I think mickeys dog Loki probably killed himself so he wouldn't have To be seen with him

Max's Dad said...

Eric Roberts was wishing Mickey would shut the eff up at the Spirit Awards. I openly cheered when Sean Penn's name was announced because Mickey was given the one way ticket back to Palookaville. And because Sean Penn is a great actor.